Sunday, December 20, 2015

Are you ready for new members?

In a few days, many Ubuntu users will unwrap new hardware, plug it in, and have a fantastic experience.

Some users will get inspired to join the community to solve bugs, add features, contribute code, and much more.

Support Gurus: use Find-a-Task

New, enthusiastic users often show up in the many Ubuntu help forums.

Encourage them to try Find-a-Task to see the variety of ways they can help.
Just send them over, and we'll do the rest.

Team Leaders: Is your team ready?

Is your team ready to welcome, train, and integrate these new volunteers?

Has your team looked at it's Find-a-Task roles for volunteers? It's easy to add or change your team's listings.

Is your team approachable? Can you be contacted easily by a new volunteer? Is your web page for new volunteers accurate?

Improving Find-a-Task

Find-a-Task is the Ubuntu community's job board for volunteers. Introduced in January 2015, Find-a-Task shows fellow volunteers the variety of tasks and roles available, and links those roles to the team web pages.

Please share your suggestions to improve Find-a-Task to the Ubuntu Community Team mailing list.