Saturday, July 19, 2008

What are all these processes?

Trying to figure out all the processes I have running, to see what I can kill, and which packages I can remove.

According to gnome-system-monitor:

System or Root processes I uninstalled,

avahi-daemon - the avahi local discovery system.

System or Root processes I don't use but can't uninstall,
atd                - the at command daemon.
console-kit-daemon - a tracking app for multiuser systems. Many GNOME apps depend on it for some reason.
getty              - console, 6 of them open.

System or Root processes I should keep,
bonobo-activation-server - GNOME component tracker. Safer to leave in place.
gam_server               - gamin tells the window manager about changes in the filesystem.
thunar-tpa               - Thunar trash can applet
evolution-data-server    - database including addressbook and other functions to integrate Gnome app data (breaks Evolution)
evolution-alarm-notify   - alarm clock (breaks Evolution)
system-tools-backends    - DBUS

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