Friday, August 29, 2008

Fast File Sharing from Ubuntu

Command line Python 2.6 tool to set up an instant FTP server:

Open a terminal

cd /path/to/directory-I-want-to-share
python -m SimpleHTTPServer # Python 2.x only  starts the server on port 8000 
python3 -m http.server     # Python 3.x only  starts the server on port 8000
  • Minimize the terminal window so you don't accidentally close it.
  • Sharing is one-way; no uploading. No security. The entire contents of the directory are shared; no blocking. No logging (that I know of). Just pure download server. Cool.
  • Other computers access the server by web:
  • Your computer accesses the internal server by web: or http://localhost:8000.
  • Kill the process CTRL+C to stop the server

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