Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ubuntu Startup: services-admin prompts for password

Every time I login to my Ubuntu 7.10 laptop, I get the 'happy login' music and the screen begins to populate with my desktop.

Then it vanishes (before I can click on anything), and services-admin prompts me for my password. Whether I enter the password or simply cancel, the system thinks for a moment, then brings up the network and brings back the desktop.

The only difference I've noticed is that CUPS seems to be active only when I've entered my password, and isn't if I cancelled instead. If all it's starting is CUPS, then I don't care if services-admin starts or not; I can start it manually. I'm annoyed by services-admin prompting me.

Result: Nothing in bugs, nothing in forums. Left a post at to see if anyone can help.

Update April 2009: Upgrading to 8.04 eliminated the problem. The ubuntuforums thread was never answered.

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