Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reinstalling Xubuntu 9.04

About a month ago, audio suddenly stopped working. Rather than troubleshoot, I decided to might be faster. Unlike last time, this time was a complete reinstall to get rid of certain dependency problems that had also cropped up.

  • Wireless networking worked immediately.
  • Oops. I didn't backup any of my *hidden* files - suddenly all of my e-mail and web caches are...gone. Lesson - keep older backups. Lesson - copy hidden files, too.
  • I tried using Jablicator to save my package list, but hit a failure - it couldn't resolve libdvdcss2 because it didn't come from the Ubuntu repositories.
  • Audio works in the Listen player - except wma files. Totem plays the wma, so it's not a codec or dependency issue. Streaming .pls works.
  • Video works. Added Flash, and YouTube and Hulu work. DVD read works after just a bit of tweaking

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