Sunday, October 30, 2011

deluged on a server

I want to move my (quite limited) torrenting from my laptop onto the server. Here's how to run headless deluge on a server, and connect to it from the deluge client. (Instructions).

Since my server (Debian 6.0.3) is at version 1.2.3, but my Laptop (Ubuntu 11.10) is at version 1.3.3, using the GTK client won't work. I tired and tried, but ultimately the incompatibility defeated me... instead of the GTK client, we'll use the web client. (There's also a console client)

Setup and start the deluged server

1) Run the following on the server as root:
apt-get install deluged deluge-console deluge-web
# To set this for automatic startup at boot, 
# see

2) Run the following on the server as a user (not root)
deluged         # Run as USER to create the .config directory
pkill deluged   # Stop deluged

#Add an entry to the /home/USERNAME/.config/deluged/auth file
echo "USERNAME:my__deluge-only_password:5" >> /home/USERNAME/.config/deluged/auth

# Use deluge-console to change the config setting, allowing remote access.
# (For some reason, if you change .config/deluge/core.conf, the change is not persistent!)
config -s allow_remote True

# Start deluged and deluge-web to launch the server and the web socket
deluge-web --fork

Connect to the server from the laptop:
Open a web browser to the server, port 8112: http:
Use the same password as the auth file (the "my_deluge-only_password")

And you should be in!

Try it with a small torrent (like a Debian Businesscard .iso)

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