Sunday, January 8, 2012

The amazing simplicity of sshfs

So I'm out for a few minutes, waiting in a lounge during a children's choir rehearsal. And I want something off my home server.

sudo apt-get install sshfs
ssh_port=12345                  # Use your own port number, of course # Use your own server, of course
user_name=myname                # Your username on the server
mkdir ${local_mount_point}
fwknop -A 'tcp/${ssh_port}' -s -D ${server_name}
sshfs ${user_name}@${server_name}:/path/on/server ${local_mount_point} -p ${ssh_port}
And SHAZAM! Remote server path shows up in File Manager.

No mucking with Samba or PPTP or other strangeness. Just
sshfs /tmp/server/ -p 12345

To unmount:
fusermount -u ${local_mount_point}

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