Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ubuntu Brainstorm and UDS-Q

Greetings, fellow Brainstormers,

I have, as usual, been monitoring the latest Ubuntu Developer Summit from afar. And I'm pleased to see a lot of Brainstorm Ideas popping up in various sessions.

That's one of Brainstorm's great purposes - to provide a range of ideas ready for discussion by developers.

- If you were UDS participant, please let us know how Brainstorm can help you better next time. Even if you didn't use Brainstorm at all, we would love to know why you didn't consider it as a preparatory source. There is always room for improvement, and relevance to you is one of our big goals! Feel free to send an e-mail to the moderator list, or e-mail me privately, or leave a comment on this blog post.

- If you weren't a UDS participant, even a remote one like me, set aside some time to plow through the various session records. A lot of decisions get made in those rooms! And some -usually the ones important to you- of them don't get discussed widely afterward. If you see a project that interests you, get involved! Ubuntu grows from community contributions and participation. Brainstorm Ideas are merely the first step.

Here's a sampling of the Ideas I saw in action on just Monday! Many are probably from non-Brainstorm (parallel) origin...but I don't care about the origin, I care that it got talked about. I care that it improves Ubuntu.

Sound Theme, especially customizing:

Embedded Device images and development:

Hardware Testing:
     ...and several more.

Cheers, and keep talking!

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