Saturday, November 24, 2012

GeoClue vs Geocode-Glib

This post has been superseded by a more recent post with updated information.  

GeoClue, used in Gnome and Unity, is a Dbus service that consolidates location input from multiple sources to estimate a best location. It's lightly maintained, and the most recent maintainer has essentially deprecated it in favor of his newer Geocode-Glib

That announcement is here, plus a bit of reading-between-the-lines and a few subsequent clarifications.

The big advantage if geocode-glib0, is that it uses GObject introspection instead of specialty DBus bindings. The big disadvantage is that it leaves KDE and other non-Gnome environments unsupported...and has less functionality that the older Geoclue.

For now, it looks like I need to stick with GeoClue, and perhaps even help maintain it for my current weather-backend project. geocode-glib simply doesn't do the job I need GeoClue to do.

Here is an example of using python and geocode-glib to get geolocation information. I have not seen any examples of geocode-glib anywhere else, so I may be first here to use the lib with python:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import gi.repository
from gi.repository import GeocodeGlib

# Create an object and add location information to it 
location = GeocodeGlib.Object()

# Do the gelocation and print the response dict
result = location.resolve()
[print(item[0], item[1]) for item in result.items()]

Give it a try...
The relevant packages are libgeocode-glib0 and gir1.2-geocodeglib-1.0
The Geocode-Glib source code and API reference are hosted at Gnome.

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