Wednesday, September 2, 2015

You should be using Find-a-Task

Find-a-Task is the Ubuntu community's job board for volunteers.

Introduced in January 2015, Find-a-Task shows fellow volunteers the variety of tasks and roles available.

The goal of Find-a-Task is for a volunteer, after exploring the Ubuntu Project, to land on a team or project's wiki page. They are interested, ready to join, and ready to start learning the skills and tools. 

However, it only works if *you* use it, too.

Try it.

Take a quick look, and see the variety of volunteer roles available. We have listings for many different skills and interests, including many non-technical tasks.

Is your team listed?

Hey teams, are you using Find-a-Task to recruit volunteers?
  • Are your team roles listed?
  • Are they accurate?
  • Is your landing page welcoming and useful to a new volunteer?

When it's time to update your postings on the job board, simply jump into Freenode IRC: #ubuntu-community-team.

Gurus: Are your pointing Padwans toward it?

Find-a-Task is a great place to send new enthusiasts. No signup, no login, no questions. It's a great way to survey the roles available in the big, wide, Ubuntuverse, and get new enthusiasts involved in a team.

It's also handy for experienced enthusiasts looking for a new challenge, of course.
  • If you're active in the various forums, refer new enthusiasts to Find-a-Task.
  • Add it to your signature.
  • If you know a Find-a-Task success story, please share.

Improving Find-a-Task

Ideas to increase usage of Find-a-Task are welcome.
Ideas on how to improve the tool itself are also welcome.
Please share your suggestions to improve Find-a-Task on the ubuntu-community-team mailing list.

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