Monday, March 3, 2008

Quickbooks Repair on the store PC

<p> I located the store's .qbw file on my laptop (the Linux partition is still fine), moved it to a stick, and took it to the store. Goal: Install the latest company data on the store PC, since I had been updating at home.</p>
<p><code>QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: C:\PROGRAM FILES\INTUIT\QUICKBOOKS\QBW32.EXE</code></p>
<p>Okay, go to Add/Remove Control Panel and repair it...</p>
<p><code>The following error occurs when trying to register the QuickBooks items:
    Internal Error 2908 {7D4B5591-4C80-42BB-B0E5-F2C0CEE02C1A}</code></p>
<p>Argh. Turns out I had weeded unused programs last week. I hate bloat. I had removed <code>Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0</code>. Who knew it was installed by Quickbooks?</p>
<p>Put in the Quickbooks CD. It recognized that the correct component was missing, and installed it. Ejected the CD and put it away.</p>
<p>Went back to Add/Remove and the Repair option. It chugged a while (20-30 minutes) and reported success. Tried it with the moved company file....success! We're back in business.</p>

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