Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Reinstallation fallout

<p>So far, only three problems with the reinstallation.</p>
  <li>Some data from my shared partition was lost - my backup wasn't as thorough as I thought. I also had to reenter all my e-mail accounts to Evolution (backup copy on the Mac, whew). Nothing critical, just minor annoyances...and a couple Doctor Who episodes.</li>
  <li>The trackpad was fine for the first day, then suddenly became jumpy and unusable today. Looking through various forums, it seems I'm not alone. May or may not be related to the reinstall. On Windows, it was intermittent. On Xubuntu, it's always bad.</li>
  <li>Sound works great on Windows, no sound at all in Xubuntu.  Well, I kind of expected it...</li>

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