Saturday, May 31, 2008

Replacing deprecated HTML tags

HTML has changed since I learned it. For example, <style> tags weren't useful, and CSS was just starting out.

Ew, I'm old.

So I used to write an image tag as <img src="General_Lew_Wallace.jpg" width="108" height="144" align="left" border="1">.

But, an alt text is now required, and the border has been deprecated. So after some poking around with CSS, I came up with:

<img src="General_Lew_Wallace.jpg" alt="General Lew Wallace of the U.S. Civil War. I don't look like him." width="108" height="144" align="left" style="border-style: ridge; margin-right: 10px">

It does look better. Thanks to the tutorials at

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