Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sending e-mail from the command line

I want to send automatic e-mail as a cron job from my Xubuntu 8.04 laptop. Originally, I tried routing it through the legacy mail spools - it is, after all, on the same laptop as my e-mail - but gave up in despair. Thanks to Ubuntu Forums for the info.

  1. sudo apt-get install ssmtp heirloom-mailx
    or install ssmtp and nail using Synaptic.
  2. sudo mousepad /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf to edit the ssmtp config file. Modify or add the following lines to the config file:
    The nail config file does not need to be changed at all.
  3. Using the nail command to send e-mail:
    Tip: Pay close attention to the <RETURN>s and <CTRL+D>s
    First line: nail<RETURN>
    Second line: Subject: subject<RETURN>
    Third line: E-mail body text<CTRL+D>

    Subject: Lotta viruses coming into this account
    I need to stop responding to the spam.
  4. Generating e-mail as part of a script or cron job:

    Script nail -s "Test 3" < /tmp/test_email will send the following e-mail.
    From: You (automatic)
    Subject: Test 3
    Message Body: (read from file /tmp/test_email)

    nail -s "Test 3" < /dev/null will send an e-mail with a blank body - good for quick reminders using the subject line only.

    To generate e-mail from cron events, use the command crontab -e to edit your crontab file:

    26 21 * * * nail -s "Test 3" < /tmp/test_email

    This crontab entry will send the same "Test 3" e-mail every day at 9:26 p.m.

Many elements can be added or customized - this is simple enough to generate automatic e-mails to myself.

UPDATE: September 9, 2008: I could do this in evolution, but it's more fun to use cron and nail or zenity
This crontab entry:

0 6 28 * * /usr/bin/nail -s "Reminder bot: Pay The Store Rent!" </dev/null

will send the following e-mail at 6:00 am on the 28th of each month,

From:    me <my computer>
Subject: Reminder bot: Pay The Store Rent!
Date:    Thu, 28 Jul 2008 06:00:01 -0500 
Text:    None
So I won't forget to pay the rent.... It's important.
This sends an e-mail to a known (to nail) e-mail server, so all machines that check the account get the mail.
Alternately, if I want a a pop-up window:

0 6 28 * * DISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/bin/zenity --info --title "Reminder Bot" --text "Pay The Store Rent"

will give me a pop-up window instead, and

0 6 28 * * DISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/bin/zenity --notification --text "Reminder Bot: Pay The Store Rent"

will give me a tiny notification-area icon.

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