Friday, June 6, 2008

More SVG Shortcomings

  • SVGs, since they are embedded objects, link internally instead of from the parent body. This is the same annoyance I had with frames long ago. For example, a link inside an <object> will work, but only the tiny object box will show the new page. Workaround: Use the target="parent" or target="top" properties of the link tag.
  • SVGs within a link (like a linked image) are not, in fact, linked. Move the cursor over them, and you see that you can't click on the SVG. This particularly sucks with a graphic menu header I tried. Workaround: Use an imagemap (ugh).
  • SVGs can't be called by CSS on a mouseover event (graphic header again). No workaround.

So I'm back to .png and .gif and .jpg for most HTML images. As before, SVG original for easy changes, but export raster images. Well, that's what experiments are for.

Hey, this is my first 'fail' entry in over a month!

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