Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DVD ISO to AVI file

I have an old DVD ISO image (I make DVDs of my kids), and I want to make an AVI copy to upload the funniest bits to YouTube. This is on an Ubuntu 8.04 system, your mileage may vary.

  1. Install dvd::rip using Synaptic
  2. Mount the .iso image (source):
    1. Create a mount point with sudo mkdir /mnt/iso
    2. Mount the image with sudo mount -o loop /path/and/file.iso /mnt/iso
      Alternate: Somewhere along the line, my Thunar magically gained this ability when I right-click on the .iso icon, but I cannot remember which package made this possible...
  3. Rip the DVD. Open dvd::rip.
    1. Preferences: I created no special folder for ripped projects; just saved to the home directory. I checked the dependencies, and had to download a mountain of them (xine, mplayer, etc) using Synaptic.
    2. Storage: Click 'Choose DVD image directory', and select /mnt/iso. Select the button for 'Encode DVD on the fly' since it's already on the hard drive.
    3. Rip Title: Click 'Read DVD table of contents' and the chapters appear. I highlighted (CTRL + Click) the chapters I wanted to convert.
    4. Clip and Zoom: Click the preset menu, select 'Autoadjust - Medium Frame Size, HQ Resize'.
    5. Transcode: Video bitrate calculation is the size of the final file, so I can keep it small (~10 MB per minute, or ~200 MB per half hour). Finally, click 'Transcode' and wait an hour or two or five for the machine to work.
    6. Test the finished file to ensure it's really what you want. I had to do it a couple times, twiddling with various controls.
  4. Cleanup.
    1. Unmount the iso: sudo umount /mnt/iso
    2. Remove the empty mount point: sudo rmdir /mnt/iso
    3. Delete the .iso file (optional, obviously)
    4. Open Synaptic and get rid of all the packages you won't use again. Or use:
      sudo apt-get remove dvdrip mplayer xine
      sudo apt-get autoremove
      sudo apt-get autoclean

The package ripmake didn't work - tcprobe failure.

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